Saturday, June 30, 2007

Adventures of June 28th ~ A day in the life of Val and Sarah and all the kids... Or maybe not.

I was cleaning out the dryer vent... quite a straight forward deal right? Yeah, I lost the neighbors shop-vac attachment INSIDE the house... like inside... as in about 4 feet from either side within the venting. I couldn't reach it, Alex couldn't reach it... but heck. It was terribly interesting, so I took a picture:
My friend Sarah came over then, and had the brillant idea of taking my garden hose and shoving it through the house side of the vent and as it pushed through, Alex grabbing the hose attachment from the other side. And we triumphed! It came close enough to the other side for Alex to grab it with his skinny arms and YAY! Success.

While Alex was down there they found a dead Possum!!!! Described by Alex it was complete with grey nose, long tail, and nasty 'glowing' red eyes. All 5 kids were freaking out... Alex now had an audience of 4 younger children, all waiting for what he was going to do.

as he was trying to figure out what it was and how to get it out. I asked him if he was brave enough to go get it with a plastic bag. He said he was and Cyan piped up with "I AM GOING TOO!!" They started getting dressed up to go under the house to retrieve the dead critter:

My sweet unique girl... I don't know a girl alive that would volunteer for large dead rodent removal.

That gets cleaned up and the kids come back, announcing that the dead possum, complete with red eyes, was actually a HUGE PEICE OF DRYER FLUFF! Panic evaded, we decided to put the house back together and get on with our day.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Worried about reading? Uh, no... why do you ask?

Cyan was getting me Logan's clothes yesterday and she pulled out a blue striped pair of pants... she says "Look mama! This one has dark blue, light blue, teal, and aquamarine stripes on it!" Alex says "That is more of a green than an aquamarine" she replies "Yes, but aquamarine IS blue and green silly! It's like when you mix teal and green together. And periwinkle is when you mix teal and blue together... see?" I just sat there with my mouth open. She can only recognize 20 out of 24 letters on sight in the alphabet, but for some strange reason I am not worried. ;)

Monday, June 25, 2007

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Logan will be 5 mos old this Friday... can you believe it?

I can't.

He is starting to crawl backwards, starting to play, and starting to eat real meals everyday. It is just incredible how fast they grow at this age.

He loves to laugh, and he smiles at everyone. When I first pick him up after a nap or something I give him kisses and he will grab my face and "kiss" me, which means that he slobbers all over the side of my face, but I love it. It is so endearing!

He has the most amazing expressions. His eye brows set the tone for his face and they can make him have any expression that a grown person can have. It reminds me very much of the baby that plays Elora Dannon in Willow. She had the most amazing expressions and I remember saying that she couldn't have possibly been as young as she was in the movie. And now I have a baby that can do the same thing.

He is SO sweet, but a bit of an attention hog. He will screech at you if you do not see him and he esp likes screeching at me. Most of the time it is super sweet now (except at 3 in the morning) but I can just imagine being upset about it at a grocery store when he is 2. *sigh*

He is happiest when he is in someones arms or in the sling. He likes to look and touch and hold everything. Cyan and Alex were not this curious at this age, but it didn't take long, so I am guessing he is just a bit ahead of the game. We are about to start baby proofing... amazing that we will need to so soon, but with him already crawling backwards, it won't be long before he figures it out and is totally mobile.

He loves toys. He has a few that I collected from since before he was born, and he will play with all of them. His favorites are his teething ring doll and the two in the pictures above (his string and block shape thingy, and his baby Einstein classical music and light up toy).Has a great sense of himself and what he wants, he always goes to sleep pretty easy as long as I don't keep him from his schedule.

He is such a joy.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Our critters:

Having chickens has been a huge experience for my city kids. As the chickens get older they have turned from the sweet little puffballs that they want to hold all the time to squalking stinky ugly adolecent birds that they still have to take care of. Big lesson there. ;) They still do take care of them without complaint, and now that they are outside everyone is enjoying them a bit more.

The one below is by far and away the most unique of our small flock.
This is Violet: And this is Violet at 5 wks old. Finally outside. :) YAY!
Here are all the girls:

My daughter, we call her 'the one who speaks to animals':

"Hey Taio! Look what I have!"" Yeah. Lunch!"

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I grew these!

There are peas here and cilantro at the bottom. The rest is moms.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Crazy Hair Day!!!

Just some clippers, some corn syrup,
some food coloring, fake flowers, paper, scissors... and voila!
You have some seriously crazy hair for the schools Crazy Hair Day:
The Green Beehive Rose Garden:

The Checker Board: