Friday, March 30, 2007

A new thereory by my 5 year old about extinction.

My dd was sitting a the table at the end of dinner and we were getting ready to watch Harry Potter #4 and she pipes up with

"And then Voldamort went back, and there were hundreds of them and then he killed them all with "Avada Kadavera"." completely matter of fact.

"What honey?"

"The dinosaurs. Voldamort killed them all... the strongest wizard in the world. That's why they arn't here anymore."

LOL!!! She can be SO cute sometimes!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Alex's fun with K'NEX

Mom's cousin Karen got me these K'NEX for a late Christmas present. And I love them so much! I made a motorcycle that I put my dog Nunook on. It looks really cool. I made a picture frame and I put a picture of the burnt mountain called Dewey Hill that they set fireworks off of and burned lots of the trees. I can hang the picture frame by the top, or put it on a desk (which is really cool) and I can also change the picture in it.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Student of the Month!

This was the first time I was student of the Month! it was relly happy but also embarrassed. Its cool that I was student of the month because I got picked more than once in heads up 7up. I also got a pensile that said " PGS student of the Month".

Friday, March 23, 2007

Pinewood Derby Car Race

Here is my car for the pinewood derby race. We made a Limo with nails on top. It was super cool looking. The car sucked though, it lost every time. My friend Logan (yes that is my brothers name too) won all three races we ran together. Too bad my car sucked. I will get a better one next year. It was fun though.

When there was nothing on it after the races were done, we played at racing on the track that was left up and I won three races with out anything on my car (no nails or weights). I was really excited that I won three times after the race, but was upset that my car didn't win any of the races like last year. Last year I was third out of my troop with my car.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Some Cyan ditties...

Cyan started talking very early. She said Dada at 7 mos (which isn't that uncommon) and then proceeded to say kitty-cat (titty tat) at 8 mos, and just kept going from there. Over the years the girl has said many things that make you sit back and wonder where she got her adult vocabulary with this tiny voice and this little lisp. Lately she has been singing. Singing a lot. She loves to make up songs for Logan, loves to sing about what she is doing... she even sometimes sings herself to sleep.

Some of the things she has said over the years:

June 2006:

We walked into Sarah's house one morning and Cyan pipes up with "guess what!?"

Sarah says sweetly "What Cyan?"

Cyan: "We're going to get our very own baby for Christmas!"


Nov 2006:
Don is getting Cyan out of the bath. My stringy and stretchy unmentionables hanging to dry on the towel rack.

Cyan says: "Whats that?" pointing at a thong.

Don says: "Mom's underwear."

Cyan: "Hmmm... doesn't look like much."


March 2007:

Cyan is sitting in her room, getting her shoes on to go to lunch when she lets out this huge belch.

Don, shocked of course, says "What do you say??"

Cyan says "Excuse me." and giggles.

Don says to her "Cyan, really, you do not need to burb with your mouth open like that. What Princess would belch like that?"

Cyan, completely matter of fact: "Fiona."

Don stands there, dumbfounded.... because of course, Princess Fiona does belch like that. lol...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Baby Logan

Here is some of Logans first acheivments... SMILES!

Alex's MI Project

On March 2, 2007 I presented my State Fair Report. It was on Michigan. I had some extra stuff that my dad sent me (he lives there) and I got an A+ on it. My teacher added the + because I did such a good job. I got one of the highest grades in my class. Some of the other kids also got A+. I learned that Michigans capital was Detroit and now is Lansing. I also learned Michigan state flower is the Apple Blossom, the bird is the Robin, and the tree is the Winter Pine. I also learned about Rosie the Riveter was a icon that stood for women at work while the men were at war, and also that Henry Ford was the man who used the assembly line for Model T cars for the first time. The Detriot Zoo was the first zoo to have cage-less open exhibits in America. MI also has the only floating post office in the country. It is called the J.W. Westcott II. The last thing I learned was that four flags have flown over the land that is now Michigan. The French, Spanish, English, and United States.

By Cyan

See what I did? I made a picture entitled "Alex, Mommy, Baby, and Me" last Novemeber. Mama loved it, so she said she would put it on here.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Look whats missing!

I lost a tooth! I lost it, but then I swallowed it when I was eating an apple. Mama said it would be ok to write a note to the tooth fairy instead of putting my tooth under my pillow. So this is what we wrote:

Dear Tooth Fairy,

I'm sorry tooth fairy, today was a happy but sad day because my tooth fell out, but then I ate it on accident while eating an apple. So toothfairy, you are very beautiful and I want to know if you are a real fairy. I am so glad my tooth finally came out! But sorry I ate it because I didn't know it was gone, but would you still leave me a treat tooth fairy?

Love Cyan