Friday, March 23, 2007

Pinewood Derby Car Race

Here is my car for the pinewood derby race. We made a Limo with nails on top. It was super cool looking. The car sucked though, it lost every time. My friend Logan (yes that is my brothers name too) won all three races we ran together. Too bad my car sucked. I will get a better one next year. It was fun though.

When there was nothing on it after the races were done, we played at racing on the track that was left up and I won three races with out anything on my car (no nails or weights). I was really excited that I won three times after the race, but was upset that my car didn't win any of the races like last year. Last year I was third out of my troop with my car.

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hi, i love your blog, especially the soundtrack.
i'm a writer for a the parenting blog of the newark, star ledger and we've linked to you a few times (one for a post on crazy hair and your children's fabulous 'dos and today in a post on pinebox derbies.
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