Thursday, March 22, 2007

Some Cyan ditties...

Cyan started talking very early. She said Dada at 7 mos (which isn't that uncommon) and then proceeded to say kitty-cat (titty tat) at 8 mos, and just kept going from there. Over the years the girl has said many things that make you sit back and wonder where she got her adult vocabulary with this tiny voice and this little lisp. Lately she has been singing. Singing a lot. She loves to make up songs for Logan, loves to sing about what she is doing... she even sometimes sings herself to sleep.

Some of the things she has said over the years:

June 2006:

We walked into Sarah's house one morning and Cyan pipes up with "guess what!?"

Sarah says sweetly "What Cyan?"

Cyan: "We're going to get our very own baby for Christmas!"


Nov 2006:
Don is getting Cyan out of the bath. My stringy and stretchy unmentionables hanging to dry on the towel rack.

Cyan says: "Whats that?" pointing at a thong.

Don says: "Mom's underwear."

Cyan: "Hmmm... doesn't look like much."


March 2007:

Cyan is sitting in her room, getting her shoes on to go to lunch when she lets out this huge belch.

Don, shocked of course, says "What do you say??"

Cyan says "Excuse me." and giggles.

Don says to her "Cyan, really, you do not need to burb with your mouth open like that. What Princess would belch like that?"

Cyan, completely matter of fact: "Fiona."

Don stands there, dumbfounded.... because of course, Princess Fiona does belch like that. lol...

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