Thursday, March 29, 2007

Alex's fun with K'NEX

Mom's cousin Karen got me these K'NEX for a late Christmas present. And I love them so much! I made a motorcycle that I put my dog Nunook on. It looks really cool. I made a picture frame and I put a picture of the burnt mountain called Dewey Hill that they set fireworks off of and burned lots of the trees. I can hang the picture frame by the top, or put it on a desk (which is really cool) and I can also change the picture in it.


Abigail said...

Alex did a great job with his K'NEX! If Alex really likes to build, you might want to consider Toobeez. My son likes K'NEX too but really loves Toobeez because he can build bigger things and my 2 year old can't swallow the pieces so they actually play together which my husband and I love.

Alex, or Cyan, or Logan said...

Thank you Abigail. :D

Val - Alex's mom. ;)