Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Alex's MI Project

On March 2, 2007 I presented my State Fair Report. It was on Michigan. I had some extra stuff that my dad sent me (he lives there) and I got an A+ on it. My teacher added the + because I did such a good job. I got one of the highest grades in my class. Some of the other kids also got A+. I learned that Michigans capital was Detroit and now is Lansing. I also learned Michigan state flower is the Apple Blossom, the bird is the Robin, and the tree is the Winter Pine. I also learned about Rosie the Riveter was a icon that stood for women at work while the men were at war, and also that Henry Ford was the man who used the assembly line for Model T cars for the first time. The Detriot Zoo was the first zoo to have cage-less open exhibits in America. MI also has the only floating post office in the country. It is called the J.W. Westcott II. The last thing I learned was that four flags have flown over the land that is now Michigan. The French, Spanish, English, and United States.

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