Thursday, April 5, 2007

Cyan funnies again:

Cyan and Alex were sitting in the back seat of the car playing their favorite game "Elemental Formers". This is half something they saw and half something they made up together and each "former" takes a power and they run with it. They draw them, color them, imagine them, etc... They were picking powers and Alex was saying:

"And this one has the power of FIRE!!!!! And then this one has the power of AIR!!" with all the dramatic boy sound effects included. "Over here is where they keep their ignition fire starter thingy... and their air blower. And when people attack them, they can burn them up or they can BLOW THEM AWAY! Wooooooooosh!" closing the side compartment in the back of the van a little too hard, and then pointing at the pocket in the back of the seat: "And in this pocket is their darts... they are poison... don't touch! Then over here is where they are spending their time making potions and creating new formers! Yeah! Booooing, bing booooooong"

And Cyan pipes up with: "and over here in this one is where they keep their arts and crafts!!!"

And listening from the front seat I think: 'Yep... still a girl.'

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Katie said...

That story is awesome & funny!!!!