Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cyan's quilt

For the first week of our homeschooling experiment, Cyan wanted to make a quilt.
She picked her fabrics and I cut out the 4 inch squares. We laid them out 5X5 on the floor and we talked about patterns, and what pattern she would want her quilt. We picked that the chickens moved 3 spaces every row and then kept with the pattern.

Here Cyan is cutting the threads off of the rows we sewed together. They weren't perfect, but this is her first quilt afterall. :)

Here it is all done! When we had finished the rows, we ironed them and put the rows together. Then I backed it with the fabric she chose, and blocked it with bais tape.

She really likes it! (And so do her dolls!)

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Katie said...

What a beautiful quilt!