Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Logan, 7 mos old tomorrow.

Here is my sweet baby... moving very quickly from being a baby. He is pulling himself up on EVERYTHING. He just discovered the wealth of stuff to put in his mouth on the coffee table and figured out that he can push Cyan's stool around the kitchen and "walk" behind it. *sigh* It is making mommy's (and daddy's) life very full suddenly, as he becomes faster and more mobile. He still is the smiliest baby ever... will even smile at complete strangers without hesitation. He loves to laugh, and loves to play. And as long as people are paying attention to him he is very content. His sleeping habits are getting better, which is making me feel more real and in the world. He is just all around a real joy to have. :)

Learning new things... he has been "kissing" me for about a month, but this is one of the first times he has "kissed" (read: slimed) daddy. Isn't daddy lucky?

Usually it is grabbing and pulling to you that is bothersome about the kissing... he really has a nack for getting handfuls of hair in the attempt to love on you. Ouch!

Sweet boy!

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