Friday, September 7, 2007

Boys... Oh Boy...

Logan was up at 2am, at 4:30am, and then for good at 6:20am.

And of course, I am more tired this morning than I was yesterday, and Logan is yelling at the top of his tiny voice "MAMA! MAMAMAMAMAMA! MAMA!"

You all know Anne Of Green Gables right? Well in Anne of Avonlea she and Marilla adopt twins... Davey in that book IS my son. Asking questions like "How hot is it in hell? I wanna know." and "If we could make trees grow gum drops, would that be cool?" and "If Star Trek was real, could I have a holo-deck?" and "When do I get a cell phone? Becuase EVERYONE in my class has one. I don't want to be weird, I don't want to be the kid that is left out... I wanna cell phone mama. Why can't I have one?"

Yep... ALL of these were yesterday after 6pm. *pulling hair out*

Oh and yesterday morning.... good lord. So I am in the shower... and Alex comes in and asks me what he has to do for school. I say

"Pack a lunch, and get your socks paired."

"What do I put in my lunch?"

"Why don't you grab one of each of the sandwiches out of the freezer (I froze some "Uncrustable" style sandwiches for their lunches last week)and see if the meat ones are better when they are really cold." We had had an issue with our lunches getting warm and the ham and cheese sandwiches were really nasty all warm. So this isn't a new thing, we had been experimenting with this for a week.


"Why don't you grab one of each sandwich. One PB&J and one Ham and Cheese one. And take both... then you have the PB&J if the Ham and Cheese still doesn't work out."

"What do you want me to do with it?"

Pause... really, he can't be asking me this."Wear it on your head like a Taira."


"The sandwiches Alex... you eat them."


So I get out of the shower, and Alex says "They wern't good."

"What? When did you have a cold one?"

"Just now." Holding up a frozen solid Ham and Cheese sandwich.

"Like you just got them out of the freezer and tried to eat one?"

"Well yeah! You told me too!"

"Oh good god."

A few mintues previous, Don was sitting in the living room getting Logan dressed (who came in the shower with me and so at this same time I am getting dressed in the bedroom) and Alex makes this horrible face while he is eating. Don says "What's up?" and Alex says "Cold bread... Yuck!"... Don thought he let his toast that went with his breakfast eggs get cold, and thought weird, but I guess some people don't like cold toast... whatever. On no... little did he know my son was trying to eat a completely frozen ham sandwich!

Boys... Oh goodness.

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