Monday, November 26, 2007


Sorry I haven't updated this in a long time.

Logan is 10 months now. He is walking, but he hasn't taken any more steps than he did last month. 2 steps here, 3 steps there. No confidence at all.

And I am grateful.

He is 24lbs still. Still my lightest baby at 10 months. Wears 24 month clothes (and 2T for length, but swims in them for width) and pops the crotch on the one pieces. I am drafting him a pattern for pants this weekend, and my friend and I are going to make some. Another long skinny boy to add to the ranks of this house. Man... I hope he is a bit thicker than Alex...

He has 6 teeth. He eats absolutly everything that isn't nailed down, and he has been getting really upset about having different meals than us, so he is now eating 'real people food' 90% of the time... "none of that mush for me please" he says.

He signs. He signs all the time. Gestures with his hands. About half the time I know what he is saying. Well, maybe not quite that much. But he does sign when he is eating. "more", "up", "down", "all done", and "nurse" are all signs he uses very consistantly.

He still wakes at least 3 times a night. He still sleeps on me.

He still yells at me when we stay home too long, and is needy.

He is still the smiliest baby anyone outside of our house ever has met.

He had his first stranger anxiety the other day when my friend Sarah climbed into the backseat of my car with him and he couldn't see me. That was NOT ok. When I pulled him out of his seat and had him in the front seat with me (we were sitting talking in the car while it rained outside) he was ok, and even smiled at her. But he was not ok with not seeing me when she was sitting there.

He asked me to read to him for the first time yesterday too. He brought me a book (pet the animals). But we had already read that one that day, so I picked another one, and he kept petting the pages like the other book. So of course, I melted and read him the pet the animals book again. He loves books. When Cyan and I are reading he will sit next to us on the couch with his own book... and only occasionally jump over me to get to the book we are reading. Very cute!

He adores his big brother. He loves Cyan too, but Alex is something special... to be treasured. Alex wakes up with him in the morning (my morning boys) and will take him from my room and play with him while I drag my tired sorry butt out of bed. If Alex doesn't come get him, Logan will throw himself over me and slide down to the ground, open the bedroom door and crawl over to Alex's room and push the door open, or stand there (if it is latched shut) and pound on it until Alex comes and gets him. Alex gets greated with squeals of delight and honestly, I think he loves it as much as I love the half hour that it gives me to wake up each morning. Alex is such a love.

In other kid news. Cyan is doing beautifully with homeschooling. And I am crafting again. So exciting!

Anyhoo... that is it on our front.

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