Friday, September 26, 2008

our timelines

In school, the kids are learning about history. We are starting at the beginning with the ancients and moving forward until now over the next 4 years. I have no idea if we will homeschool for that long... but it stands to reason that the study of history should start at the beginning no matter whether you will get to the present or not. But first, considering even Alex had not had history before, we had to start with exactly what history was. So we started with our own history. I had the kids sit down with sheets of paper and put a line in the center of them with receipt tape. Then I asked them to tell me something they remembered... as far back as they could think of. Alex remembered Cyan being born. Cyan remembered Baby Cake. We started there and moved forward until now, writing things down, printing/copying pictures of things, looking things up for specific dates. When that was done, we talked about before they could remember and how we knew those dates. Some of them, I saw the pictures and could tell by what season it was, or what outfit they were in what time in their lives it had to have been. Some of them were in the baby books because not even I remembered them. We wrote all those down as well. Then I explained that that is the way people study history.

These are the timelines they made. Click on the picture for a bigger version. They are pretty sweet... I love how both of them remember the 'dumb bunny', which will forever be named that, because the night before we were to release her, she jumped into the top of her box and broke her own neck.

I am pretty sure making this timeline made it into their memories. :)

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