Thursday, May 10, 2007

Meet our new babies...

Introducing (Starting at the top right and going counter clockwise) Sage, Lilly, Clover, Rose, Iris, and Violet. They are our new baby chicks. We got them today. Sage is mine (Alex) Rose is Cyan's, and all the others are our family's. They are laying hens, they will lay eggs for two years and when they are done, some people keep them as pets, but we are not sure what we are going to do. We like them a lot.
This is Cyan holding Violet.
She is an Aracona chicken. Violet and Iris are Araconas, Lilly and Rose are Rhode Island Reds, and Sage and Clover are Golden Sex Links. When they are bigger they will run around the yard and pick bugs out of mom's garden, and they will also make great manure.

Here I am holding Sage.

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Anonymous said...

HI Cool website, We just got 2 araconas, 2 white rocks, 1 buff, 1 black arastrap? spelling.** chicks.

We already have 3 plymoth barr and 2 rhoade Island Reds, from easter time. These are mostly for eggs but we don't know. they are such a joy for us and our two kids Garrettson (5) and Amber (18 mos) I love the names you picked for yours. We have not named ours yet. HAVE fun watching them grow and watching their crazy antics ~ getting the eggs later.
The other morning we let our big chickens out and I looked out the window and they found a rabbit to chase, they are so funny to watch explore our home! take care.