Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Thinking at the farm

This was a trip to the local dairy farm and cider mill. I take trips there all year for our milk, apple juice, eggs, and a few fresh produce items that don't grow in my garden and the kids love to come with me. It is a wonderful place to go, especially in spring. Babies everywhere. This winter we had a series of big storms, taking out a bunch of trees in our area... this was one that was next to the pig pen. They have since rebuilt the pen and gotten a new little potbellied pig who is compeltely adorable, but this stump was apparently very tempting.

Here are just a few of the other babies (I actually didn't get a picture of the pig... them on the tree was just too good of a shot... I completely forgot about our little pork friend.)

And by far and away the sweetest picture all day. Alex was SO excited my Baby Bjorn got small enough for him to wear Logan. Alex has been a wonderful canidate for any woman his entire life. He just is one of the nicest people, high energy, enjoys domestic chores and likes pleasing people. Add to the list now comes a great attachment brother... and he will be a hard one to pass up in his twenties. :) He will be one wonderful catch for some lady... I just hope she is worthy of him.

My friend got Cyan a tadpole... so we were looking over the duck pond at the farm for frogs, and low and behold, we found three! Here is a picture of one.

I wonder what our tadpole will look like when he grows up?

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