Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Logan is 8 mos old!!

I know, I know... he has been for a week now... but darn. Things just get away from me right now. Currently, the little man has 4 almost 6 teeth (he gets 2 to 4 at a time... the poor thing), he is eating anything that isn't nailed down, and is starting to stand, and cruising all over everything pulling just about anything down he possibly can. He looks very much like this:

He got hold of a basket of socks this morning... and pulled them all out, one by one, to throw on the floor. At one point he had two socks in his mouth as he continued his search through the basket. It was adorable... and not a little bit messy.

He is having a hard time sleeping right now. Which is genuinely wearing on my nerves. But he is so lovable that it is hard to even be mad at him at 4 in the morning on the 7 time he has woken up. Although not impossible. lol... He is a constant joy. Our lovable boy. The most social of our small clan, he will smile at anyone, and loves to be out of the house much more than being at home.

He just grew into 12-18 month clothes (80cm), and at his last check up (last week) he was 22 lbs and 27inches. Tall and sturdy boy. He got his first shot at that appointment to... and due to some serious mommy magic (ala: me) he didn't even cry... what a trooper!

He recently discovered that he can make the cat make noise.

The cat loves this new discovery.

Logan spent a long while next to the couch while Taio was sleeping on it, touching, poking, pulling on ears, etc, chanting "che-che-che-che!". Every time Taio would put his ears back, or meow, I would take Logan's hand, put it down on the couch again and say "Kitty says 'NO'."

Of course, Logan thought this was a great game, so he kept picking up his hand and putting it back on the cat... eventually Taio had had enough of this play (after Logan grabbed his foot, Taio hates having his feet messed with), and my completely sweet, docile cat lifted his paw and held it threateningly in the air above the baby. The baby just looked at the paw and kept on poking him. To which I stepped in and started my mantra again of "Kitty says 'no'."...

So there we are... Logan is squealing, and patting and poking the poor cat, I am grabbing his hand each time I see that Taio has almost had too much and is about to swat the little monster, and Taio, who is being as patient as a cat could possibly ever be, holding his paw suspended over Logan's head, hoping that the kid gets the hint. Eventually, Taio swatted Logan on top of his head with a "thwap!"... who sat down hard on the ground, and looked at the cat... completely undaunted, and stood up to start the fun game again.

And the sweet, gentle, loving cat, got up and left the room.

My sweet boy. How I adore thee...

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