Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Logan Took STEPS!

So our baby is offically walking. He took three steps yesterday, and one the day before. He is standing all the time. Someone offered to give us one of those walker pusher things... and I promptly said NO. lol... he is going to walk plenty soon. When Cyan got one of those things (she still wasn't fully walking at a year) she was walking within four days. I don't need my just turned 9 mos old baby walking in four days. I am happy with where he is... no faster please... but man... it is exciting. :D

In other news, Alex has been making comics. Some are really great! He is getting better and drawing while he is doing this too, although he mainly sticks to stick figures... but the expressions that he gives them remind me of Happy Noodle Boy. They make me laugh... none have though, more than this one:

A boy and his world... a story of dinner.

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