Monday, December 24, 2007

Catching up...

When it is holiday season around here, we are almost too busy to document what we have done. Almost... because of course, I still take pictures. ;)
Alex had Crazy Hair Day the last Friday he was in school before break. It is now normal, after trying a "cool do" for a week... Fun stuff...

Last week we were talking about eagles and we decided to have an eagle tea party. So we made 'bear tea' (which is Cold Care Tea and honey), we popped the strawberry popcorn we got from our day at the farm (before the flood) and we made eagle nests. Which are pretzel sticks with cranberries, nuts, and covered in melted chocolate with two marshmallows for 'eggs'. We read a book about eagles and we watched "Living Planet - Champions of the skies" which is amazing! It was such a wonderful evening.

"Crazy kids!"

Logan watching the snow fall outside...

'Not so sure about the guy in the suit mom.'

Sweet Cyan, with Santa from the PD Christmas Party.

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