Wednesday, January 23, 2008

We have a visiter today. :)
Do you know the story Flat Albert? Same idea... some kids from a class in GA picked a doggy that travels around the country and then on April 30th this year, he will go back to their class and they will map where he has been. Grandma Rose sent him to us from her school she works at in CA where he had fun with a classroom of kids and then went home with her to eat dinner with her cats and dog. His little journal is filling up with interesting stories from around the country already!
Today we took him to the car wash, and he has eaten with our poor mangy cat, and then this afternoon he is going to the vet with us, and perhaps to the goose farm. He will get his ton of experiences from this part of the world (although I doubt it is a good representation of what to do here, but Don told Cyan yesterday that he was NOT taking that stuffed dog to the space needle. LMAO!)
Pictures to come later. :)

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